ANTONIΟS             (  D. PANAGOPOULOS  )   
TEL.+ 2103828604                                                                                             

           Born in Athens in 1957  
          Studied music, mechanical engineering, decoration, structural practices, and painting.
1980: He was selected by the Athens School of Fine Arts as an exceptional talent 
                1981: Scholarship for the Yannis Tsarouchis workshop –the 4 colors of antiquity – at the Ionian Center of
                         Studies at Chios.
               1981 and 1984:He attended free courses of Plastic Arts at the Athens Architectural School by the sculptor
               1988: City of Athens award for large building surfaces painting.
                         He has worked in the theatre, the cinema, and the advertisement, while at the same time, 
               he was researching  and studying the behavior of the materials in space and time. 
               From 1984, he has been working on his project   ESPACE DE MEMOIRE  – ΓΑΙΑ  ΜΝΗΜΗΣ

Selected Solo Exhibitions:One  Man Shows

                 2015:   National Hellenic Research Foundation

2014 :  Oplostasio  Technis      cur. Dimitris Alithinos , Athens
2005:    Psychiko Municipal Gallery     cur. Eugenia Alexaki , Athens
1989:    ATHENAEUM Art Gallery , Athens
1989:    HYDRONETTA  Gallery ,  Hydra
1987:    AEOLOS  Art  Gallery , Athens
1986:    G    Gallery, Athens
1984:    DADA Art Gallery, Athens
1982:    N.PHILADELPHIA’S  Municipal Gallery, Athens
1981:    OBELIX Gallery, Athens

   Selected Group Exhibitions

                2017:   # NeapoisAthina   Hellenic American College    cur. L.Karapidaki

                2017:   ART IN THE ARCHIVE  The Historical Archives of the Pireaus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

                             cur. L.Karapidaki

2017:   The Athens University History Mueum           cur. Irini Savvani 

                2016:   ART ATHINA 2016 ( guest artist ) cur. M. Stefanidis

                2016:   National Hellenic Research Foundationiraeus 

                2015:   ART ARCHIVES  Museum Kresów  Poland   cur. L.Karapidaki

2015:   TECHNOHOROS Art Gallery: PREADEXHIBITION- Fotolio &Typicon S.A   cur. L.Karapidaki 
2011:     MMM Art  : Medana Art Project  -  Slovenia
2010:     Kappatos Art Gallery: Artists Support Curators - AICA HELLAS
2009:    The Human Figure in art, City of Athens, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
2005:    Kappatos Art Gallery:  VISIONS Macedonia Palace  -  Thessaloniki 
              -  Imperial Hotel  -  Athens      cur . Irini Savvani
2004:    ATHINA  BY ART  - AICA HELLAS    cur. Irini Savvani 
2002:    BIENNIAL OF  CETINIE IV : RECONSTRUCTIONS cur. Katerina Koskina.
2001:    MONTH OF VISUAL ARTS, City of Athens , Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
1998:    CITY OF ATHENS:  Colour - Poetry – Light  -  CITY OF HYGOUMENITSA:  THESPROTICA  98
1995:    Ghasi D7,  Athens
1993:    ROSTAND Art Gallery,   cur. Efi Strousa,    Athens
1993:    RHODES ART  SITE – Rhodes  cur. Efi Strousa 
1992:    For Cavafis Museum in Egypt, Athens -
             For the Armenians,Cultural Center City of Athens - 
             For peace, University of Athens
1990:    Diecidue Gallery: Different Opinion , Milan
1988:    AEOLOS  Art  Gallery and C.E.J. and Regione Oggi , Athens
1987:    Engonopoulos Art Gallery end La spond Gallery and Magazine , Athens
1987:    AEOLOS  Art  Gallery , Athens
1987:    Engonopoulos  Art Gallery,  Athens
1986:    For the earth quake’s victims of  Kalamata Ministry of New Generation ,Athens
1986:    F technodromes ,   F Gallery , Athens                                                                                
1984 :   PHOEBUS  Piraeus Cultural Center .
1983:    Engonopoulos  Art Gallery,  Athens
1983:    A Congress of Artistic Education . Athens  Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
1982:    New Chalkidona’s Municipal Gallery, Athens
1982:    150 new young artists for the E .U. , Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, ATHENS  CONSERVATORY

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